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Dear Chevyk5blazer.com fans,
Welcome back to ChevyK5Blazer.

Just a sneak pek at some of the changes in mind:
  • New Garage function for Benefacting members, allowing the Member to control his or her rig and its presentation.

  • Updated Themes with more color options.

  • New VB 4.2 interface with a better flowing board.

  • New TOTM system allowing the Crew to handle more changes and better control over contestants.

  • New Tapatalk feature for Mobile users with a board specific app coming once developement is done.

  • New homepage with more options to help navigate.

  • New Tech Section with articles on how to treat your K5 to some awesome upgrades and general maintenance

Once again, Thank you for your support and patronage to the site. Without members like you we could not have come as far as we have and we will not be able to progress any further than we are now.

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